2003 Honda Civic Coupe with 11k Miles and 5-speed Manual


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For September 19, 2020, our used car find is this absurdly low-mile 2003 Honda Civic LX coupe with a 5-speed manual gearbox. It’s listed for sale on craigslist by a private seller in the San Diego area for $8200. Here’s what makes this one special. The seventh generation Honda Civic debuted for the 2001 model…



Despite it being a cheap car, it still cost them quite a bit for the little use they got out of it. At 16k new if they get their asking price it almost cost them 75 cents per mile! And that’s without insurance or fuel costs!

These were nice and simple, but from a Honda enthusiast of the day it was seen as a sad departure of the all beloved EK before it, but at least it wasn’t as easy to steal.

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