2003 CLK430 Convertible - 7600 miles - Chicago IL burbs, $17,890

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7600 mile CLK430?!?! That’s right, fresh as it gets with this one. A V8 convertible W208 with the AMG sport package. Never in rain or snow, always in garage according to the owner, like literally always considering it has like two oil changes worth of miles on it. Just used as a $60k garage ornament.

Still priced pretty steep for a W208, even a 55 AMG car in this condition might sit for a while at such an asking price.


Found on Chicago craigslist. Go scoop it up and drive it around so it feels like a car again.

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Wow – incredible! I agree that the price is steep, but you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer one. I also like that it’s the last year of this body style (W208), which I prefer to the later one (W209).

I think $15,000 wouldn’t be crazy to pay. But even then you’d have to really be looking for the cleanest W208 out there…