2003 Chevrolet Corvette - 50th Anniversary - 30k miles - $18,500 - Crystal Lake, IL

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For a high performance sports car under twenty grand, this 50th Anniversary edition C5 generation coupe would be very hard to beat. It offers Chevy’s iconic LS1 V8 mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Though it “only” has 350 hp, that’s enough to coax the lightweight chassis to 60 mph in a hair under 5 seconds (per this Motorweek test). These were also among the first 'Vettes to offer GM’s innovative Magnetic Ride Control, which is helpful for taking the bite out of the suspension on rough pavement or for long-haul cruising. And it looks sharp in its unique Anniversary Red factory paint.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Chicago area for $18,500, which isn’t unreasonable but is about the most you’d want to pay for one in outstanding condition.

VIN: 1G1YY22GX35133589



Nice find! Very clean C5 and the 50th Anniversary package may make it more collectible, especially in the future to collectors.

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