2003 BMW 540i M Sport - 80k miles - $14,900 - Culver City, CA

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If you like the idea of a nice E39 M5 but don’t want to spend well over twenty grand to acquire one, consider this excellent 540i M Sport instead. You still get a 280 hp V8, a six-speed manual gearbox, plus many of the same suspension and appearance upgrades as the M5, and it costs about 50% less.

At nearly fifteen grand, it’s still not cheap. However, the 540i M Sport is a one-year-only E39 variant, so it’s quite rare and should maintain its value, even with considerable use, as long as it’s maintained.


VIN: WBADN53443GF71565


FYI, for comparison I found an E39 M5 in similar condition and mileage. Seller is asking $25,500, which seems pretty reasonable:



I’ve noticed E39 M5 prices have been on the rise. That’s especially true for cleaner, lower mileage examples since most seem to be used as commuters with higher mileage. The E39 M5 may be entering the classic car/collectable market now.


And as if on cue, here’s a similar M5 for sale on Bring a Trailer that’s already been bid to $18k with six days still left to go…