2002 Toyota 4Runner - Tampa FL - 165k miles - $6500


Thoughts on this? I drove it and felt solid. Looking for a cheaper daily driver and I know these are known for their longevity and reliability. OTD price after dealer fee, taxes, etc came to $8,100. This is a one-owner, locally owned Florida example without any accidents reported. How do you guys feel about the OTD price for this example?



That seems like a reasonable price for such a clean example. I particularly like the well-documented service history (shown on the Carfax report). Still, before you pull the trigger, I would advise taking it to an independent shop for a pre-purchase inspection, just to make sure there aren’t any hidden problem areas – and also to get a sense of how some of the major systems, like brakes, suspension, steering, cooling, etc., are holding up. Many of those component are likely to need replacement soon (if they are original), so it would be good to know what you’re getting into.

To that end, I found this place on Yelp, which seems to be a well-regarded Toyota specialist in the area:

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What Mark said, but remember to keep some extra scratch in your pocket for repairs, it’s old and it’s a truck. It might be due for a few problems, however minor or not, and repairs will cost you more than an old Camry or Civic.

The Service history is great though, I’d still get it inspected, but it looks like a really safe bet.

Good luck!

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