2002 Mercedes-Benz E55 - 110k miles - $8000 - South Pasadena, CA

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The W210 generation E55 is an underappreciated classic. It’s got one of the best powertrains ever to come from Stuttgart, a burly AMG-built, naturally-aspirated V8 that applies 349 hp through Benz’s excellent 722.6 5-speed automatic gearbox. And it’s one of the last Mercedes products you can get that doesn’t come loaded with a lot of expensive-to-fix gimmickry or quickly-outdated tech. It’s just a simple, well-made box with a giant engine stuffed in.

This one, offered on Autotrader HERE by the son of the original owner in a wealthy LA suburb, does have a few miles on it. But these cars are tanks, capable of 200k+ miles with ease, given proper care, which this one seems to have enjoyed thus far.

Aside from some minor cosmetic issues (a reported crack in the rocker panel trim), it appears to be in excellent condition, making it not a museum piece but rather something to drive and enjoy as much as you’d like without any fear of using it up.

All that for just $8000 is a great buy.


VIN: WDBJF74J92B399205