2002 Honda Insight - 76k miles - $4000 - Bellevue, WA

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This very well kept first-gen Honda Insight is an absolute steal at $4000. It’s had the hybrid battery pack replaced within the last ~10k miles and looks near perfect inside and out. For a unique commuter on the cheap, you won’t find a better bargain. I wouldn’t expect it to last very long.

Offered on eBay HERE by a private seller in the Seattle area for $4000 or best offer.

VIN: JHMZE13712T001830

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And this one is now sold. Nicely bought!



That’s a great price for these. I was looking into them as a sort of cheap commuter with character. Two problems with these though.

One; really built towards efficiency. Like a motor with no torque paired to a transmission geared to the moon. And I’m referring to the 5 speed manual, the CVT is even slower, and fails. I’d hate to try to drive it with the A/C on.

Two; It’s a very low car and you sit on the floor. As I get older I start seeing the appeal of crossovers and high seated vehicles. My friend recently bought a 16 Jaguar XF, and kept his Honda Odyssey to let his parents use. Three of us took the Jag out one night, and we all like it, but about halfway though the night we started asking if we could take the minivan next time.

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