2001 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG - 80k miles - no reserve auction - Spokane, WA

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If you’re looking for the cleanest first-gen E55 out there, this is a good candidate. It sports a history of dealer service as well as a nearly blemish-free appearance, both inside and out. In fact, it looks more like a 8000 mile car than one with nearly 80,000 miles. (And 80k isn’t much for one of these tanks.)

Autocheck does report an accident in 2008, but it must have been repaired very well (and/or been minor) because I’m not seeing any evidence in the detailed photo album attached to the listing. Still, it would be worth having that checked out, if possible, before placing your top bid.

Offered on eBay HERE by a seller in Eastern Washington, with current bidding at $5000 and no reserve.

VIN: WDBJF74J91B322882


This one ends later today. Bidding is currently at $10,200, which is still pretty cheap for such a nice example. I’d say anything under $13,000 would be well bought.


Somehow it went for $10,100. That’s a lot of car.


Very well bought.

Side note: This is one of a few examples I’ve seen lately of a softening used car market. Seems like there are some good deals to be had out there right now.


If you missed out on this one, good news: it’s back up on eBay thanks to a deadbeat bidder.

Last time, it closed at a surprisingly reasonable $10,100, but bidding seems a little stronger this time around. It’s already at $9600 with 4 days remaining.


And it closed at $10,200 the second time around – a pretty good buy, I think, for such a clean example.