2001 Lexus IS 300 - 46k miles - $13,000 - Chicago, IL

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With a legendary inline six powering the rear wheels, a handsome shape, and a compact and lithe chassis, the first gen IS is the Lexus equivalent of a purist’s BMW 3 Series – only better since it’s a reliable Toyota at heart.

And there’s no question that this super clean example with not even 50k miles on the clock is pretty special. Whether it’s $13,000 worth of special I’ll leave up to you. Regardless, it would be hard to find a more capable, reliable, and long-lived alternative for a whole lot less.

Some may squawk at the automatic transmission, but the five-cog slushbox may suit folks looking for a daily commuter. The car also gets bonus points for having just completed a major service (for a reported $2700), which might lessen the pain of the acquisition cost (somewhat).

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Chicago area.

VIN: JTHBD182410014606



These are great, but I wish they came with the 3SGE 4 cylinder and 6 speed that could be had elsewhere. The 2jz is nice and all, but kind of pedestrian compared to the raging 8k rpm 210hp 2 liter 3S.

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Very cool. That sounds like something I’d be willing to pay $13k for!



This one’s back up with a $1000 price drop: