2001 Honda CR-V - 66k miles - $9000 - Lynnwood, WA

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This first-gen CR-V is simple transportation at its best. Great utility, fuel economy, reliability, and even a dash of classic Honda style. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Sure it’s overpriced at nearly nine grand, which can buy you a far newer one in similar condition. But there’s definitely some value not getting the larger, heavier, more complicated version. Less is more.

This example, offered on eBay HERE by a private seller in the Seattle area, also benefits from having an interesting color, a longtime history in the mild Pacific Northwest, and regular dealer service throughout its life.

Car like this one tend to get used up, so finding one in such great shape, with tons of life left, is a rare and wonderful thing.

VIN: JHLRD18451C039016