2001 BMW 325i - 73k miles - $8250 - Mill Valley, CA

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E46 generation examples don’t often come much cleaner than this well-spec’ed 325i. For 2001, the model got a welcome bump in power to 184 hp, which is plenty, especially when (as here) paired with the lovely 5-speed manual. If running through the gears in this thing doesn’t trigger a healthy dopamine release, you ought to check your wiring.




Offered by what seems to be a small specialist dealer in the Bay Area, it’s priced near the top of the market but not entirely unreasonably. My guess is that you could get it pretty easily for $7500, perhaps even $7000, which I think would be $7000 very well spent.


VIN: WBAAV33471FV04756


Good news. This one is relisted, now for just $7500 (or best offer). I still think $7000 is well bought. Anything less would be a steal.


Now offered for $6500. This is a bargain!


Looks like this one finally sold for $6500. Well bought!