2001 Acura CL 3.2 Type-S with 46k Miles


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For October 2, 2020, our used car find is this pristine 2001 Acura CL 3.2 Type-S with just 46k miles. It’s listed for sale on craigslist by a private seller in the Los Angeles area for $7500. Here’s what makes this one special. The second generation CL coupe was introduced to the US market for…



Looks like this one just hammered on C&B for $6900. Shill bid or did sale not consummmate? Also this was being flipped as the previous CL ad was posted on here By @StephenL for $5k

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Good eye! Yes, this is the same car which Stephen found in August on craigslist (LINK) and that closed on Cars & Bids on Thursday (LINK). I’m guessing that the C&B bid fell through and now the seller re-listed it at the higher price. The text of both craigslist listings (August and now) is basically the same.



Buyer beware. The first person who bought this off Craigslist reported it had undisclosed transmission issues and listed it back on sale at a discounted ~$4500. There may be some shenanigans going on with the seller and the car.

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Good to know. If you could get it at enough of a discount to account for a transmission rebuild (or manual swap?), it could still be pretty compelling. Then again, it’s almost never a good idea to buy a car from a dishonest seller…