2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 - North Eastern WI - 52k miles - $8000

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Nice manual trans SLK230 for sale. A personal favorite of mine as an alternative to the 200 options of Mazda Miata models available for roadster cup races in Gran Turismo.

The lengthy story states a lot of work has gone into this car over the past year. Not sure what these go for and if this is a good price at all. The body doesn’t look super clean, might need some serious claybar and paint correction. Something to negotiate.

Owner is really proud of the upgraded refresh headlights he installed.


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Nice find. These are pretty rare with the manual gearbox. And the seller seems like a good guy, too. The price might be a touch on the high side (which is probably why the listing has been up for most of a month); however, it’s better to spend a little more for one that’s really been cared for vs. getting a cheaper one and trying to make it nice.

+1 on the claybar idea – and please clean up those wheels too at the same time!

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