2000 Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 75k miles - Seattle, WA

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This late, all-original R129 generation SL looks like a really solid example, with good options like Xenon headlights, plus longtime ownership in the mild Pacific Northwest. But due to a somewhat lackluster presentation on eBay, I think it could easily end up being overlooked by other buyers, making it a potential bargain opportunity. Definitely one to keep an eye on if you are in the market.

VIN: WDBFA68F0YF191834


Bidding is currently at $5200 with three days remaining…


Bidding ended at a paltry $6600 with reserve not met. That would have been quite the bargain!


Looks like a fine specimen. That’s crazy. Based on recent Bring a Trailer auctions, I bet it’d bring $10k-$13k there, depending on how much documentation the seller could provide. But these cars continue to be a well-kept secret for the most part.