2000 Lexus LX 470 - 109k miles - $15,900 - Los Angeles

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Offered HERE on Craiglist in Los Angeles, this 109k-mile LX 470 looks like it’s worth spending a Carfax report on. If it’s got a good history, and it’s anywhere near as clean underneath as it apparently is everywhere else, we’re looking at a three-row go-anywhere “forever truck” for the price of what, a CPO Kia Soul?!


Yeah, you gotta be OK with the gold paint, but just picture this thing with a running-board delete and 33-inch tires. It doesn’t take much to make a 100 Series look proper, no matter what color it is.


Notably, the Nakamichi sound system is said to be difficult if not impossible to maintain when it starts to fail, as replacement components are no longer available from the factory. But that’s just a good excuse to install a modern head unit with a backup camera, which definitely comes in handy when parking a vehicle of this magnitude.


Provided the Carfax is clean, I see no reason not to buy this rig for the asking price, and it looks like there may even be room for negotiation. Just keep in mind that the LX 470 has a relatively complicated height-adjustable suspension that’ll run a few grand to replace when it’s time, as opposed to the conventional setup on the 100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

But the good news is, little else should ever need attention outside of normal maintenance. It’s hard to imagine prices going anywhere but up on these legendary “hundies,” and it may be difficult going forward to find a nicer specimen with lower miles than this Lexus.


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Excellent find. Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda like these in gold. Very Lexus!

The vehicle history (from Autocheck) looks pretty good. No reported accidents. Longtime San Marino owner (17 years from new) and then a couple of other LA owners since. Also, it’s been driven quite regularly – in fact, 30k miles in the last three years. That’s a good sign, I think. There were no service records available, though; however, Autocheck rarely has those.

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You can actually change the head unit in the older models, the later stereos all have navigation screens that also run the HVAC controls. Those ones usually have the Mark Levinson speakers though…

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I’m really impressed by how well the leather has held up. I usually see the hides dried, cracked and ripped on Japanese cars from this era.

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