2000 BMW 740i - 77k miles - $7900 - Vallejo, CA

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Many regard the E38 7-series as a recent peak of BMW styling, and this appears to be one of the best examples out there. Plusses include: relatively low miles, outstanding all-original condition and longtime California ownership.

While stretched E38s (e.g. the 740iL) can look a bit ungainly with their long rear doors, this standard-length 740i has perfect proportions.

Some early E38s have engines with dreaded Nikasil cylinder linings, which are prone to degrade when exposed to high-sulfur U.S. gasoline. By 2000, though, BMW had fixed the issue (and the U.S. had adopted more stringent sulfur content standards), so there are no such worries here.

Offered on eBay with a $7900 starting bid, a helluva lot of car for the money.

VIN: WBAGG8348YDN79277


By far my favorite generation of the 7. Only car that would woo me away from a 560 SEL. The one thing I don’t like about this Bimmer is the bumper car-inspired steering wheel. And it would be a steal at $7,900, but keep in mind that’s just what the seller put as a starting bid with reserve not met. Maybe the reserve isn’t much higher than that? Will be interesting to see where it goes…


Bidding is up to $9000 now with about one day left…


The auction closed at $11k with reserve not met. Pretty strong money for one of these. Perhaps the seller was a bit greedy?


If you wanted another chance at this one, it popped up again on eBay, now with a starting bid of $6900…



Should have taken the $11K from the last auction. Very nice E38 but sadly not much demand in today’s market. Too old to be a modern luxury barge but not old enough to be a classic.


This one is back up on eBay a third time, now for $11,900 or best offer…



This one popped back up on eBay after almost two years. It seems to have been in the dealership’s inventory this whole time. Still a lovely example, though it worries me that it doesn’t appear to have been driven much, if it all, in the last 24 months.

The starting bid’s now $9800, with a listed buy-it-now price of $11,900…


This one’s back up again with a list price of $11,900. It still looks sharp, though at this point the photos are at least two years old…