1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - 70k miles - $15,700 - Folsom, CA

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This handsome rig looks like a great value with not many miles, an excellent maintenance history, and a price tag of just $15k.

These 100-series FJs are some of the most robust machines out there, and yet they are also notably more refined than prior iterations, primarily due to an independent front suspension (vs. live axle previously). The change does give up a smidgen of off-road prowess, but it’s a good trade off for the vast majority of drivers.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Sacramento area for $15,700, which seems reasonable if not somewhat cheap for such a robust and useful truck.

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The seller has reposted here:

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The early ones still have the rear E locker option too, the later ones just used traction control in it’s place.

What’s nice on these too is that you can upgrade the radio head unit if you want, the later ones usually have the navigation option that incorporates the HVAC controls in the head unit.

The later ones do have the 5 speed auto starting in 01 or 02 I think, also the 4.6 makes power from VVTi on the intake cams.

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Love these, built like a Swiss watch, great combination of on-and off-road comfort/capability and very likely to run hundreds of thousands of miles with just routine maintenance. Great color combo on this one and it’s been pampered – take off that circa 1978 K Mart vinyl steering wheel wrap and it’d be just about perfect. That deal seems almost too good to be true!

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Agreed – first thing I’d do after buying it is take off that silly steering wheel wrap!



Good find! Someone got a really clean Land Cruiser for great price.

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