1999 Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 52k miles - $8650 - Palm Springs, CA

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You don’t see nice R129 examples for less than ten grand very often, but here’s one that appears to be well kept and has barely cracked 50k miles for a very reasonable $8650. These cars always look great in black on black, and this one gets bonus points for having the optional and desirable Xenon headlights.

Judging from the history report, it’s a three owner car that’s been in California since 2003, and it had just 19k miles as recently as 2013, so the majority of the miles have been added fairly recently, including a dealer service last year at 51k miles. That’s good news for a low-mileage car because it’s less likely that there are deferred maintenance items or issues related to sitting.

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Palm Springs area. With such an attractive price, it’s probably not gonna last long.

VIN: WDBFA68F5XF185350



I can never see these without thinking of that damn song…

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Ha – this one could definitely use a wheel upgrade!