1999 Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 48k miles - $12,000 - Burien, WA

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This looks like an outstanding example of a late R129 generation SL500. With less than 50k on the clock and very desirable options like AMG wheels and Xenon headlights, it’s an unusually good find, especially for the reasonable $12,000 ask.

Offered on craigslist HERE by the second owner in the Seattle area.



There is a similar one on BAT ---- the bid is currently at $12,000

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Interesting. I’m guessing the BaT car will end up selling for a quite bit more than $12k – which is making this craigslist car look like even more of a bargain…

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I prefer the wheels on this one, too.

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Yes ---- seems like a bargain. There is a 2000 on classic cars for $19,900 ----

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Newest article at Hagerty dated 4/18 states the following concerning the r129 ----

Looked upon as an unworthy successor to the preceding R107-chassis SL Class cars for, well, a long time the R129 is now coming into its own as a proper collectible M-B SL. And, in many ways, it is a far better car both mechanically and dynamically than the classic R107 series it replaced, by the way a model that keeps appreciating at an incredible pace as of late. Which can only mean one thing: Even though the R129 cars have also already appreciated smartly I think we’re only getting started as the R107s move further and further out of sight.

SL aficionados point out that the R129 “sweet spot” is a 1996-1998 SL500 with the four-cam V-8 and five-speed automatic. Trading for around $20,000 today I don’t think there is a better German hot rod roadster on the market for the money. And, unless you buy a real stinker that eats your face with deferred maintenance issues, this is another car you can drive for years and likely make money doing so with a predicted 25-percent value increase in the next five years

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Whoever detailed and waxed that car is a magician. That paint is lustrous. Good deal as well.



This one just sold for $12,800 on BAT



It’s kind of amusing to read the BaT comments about how the buyer there got an amazing deal considering that this craigslist listing looks better for less money.