1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 estate - 84k miles - $11,900 - Vancouver, CA

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In North America, a W202 generation C43 is rare enough, but in “estate” guise it’s basically a unicorn. That’s too bad because a sweet 300 hp V8 in a compact Benz wagon is basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a conveyance.

But HERE on the MBCA site is one listed for sale by its Vancouver (Canada) area owner. With not many miles and in reportedly very good condition, the ask of $11,900 (US) seems pretty reasonable for the market – and like an outrageous bargain considering how cool and rare a car it is.


Fascinating find. Bring a Trailer would go nuts and probably double this price.


Getting it stateside is going to be the issue. Unless you can house it in Canada for a few years or you’re Canadian


Wow, that’s an awesome find. Curse our strict importation laws.