1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 - 93k miles - $4500 - Newport Beach, CA

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Here’s one of those cars that makes me wonder why anyone ever pays more than $5000 for a daily driver. It’s a nicely-kept Benz in a handsome shape with an excellent powertrain (the 194 hp M112 V6 mated to the trusty 722.6 5-speed automatic). It will cruise the freeway with confidence and is easily maneuvered through town. It even features distinctive Bordeaux Red factory paint.

The car also happens to be offered by the seller of this great E36 that we featured a few months back and which Klipnik member @Chandler wisely snapped up.

If you want a nice car but don’t want to spend a ton of money, this one’s going to be really hard to beat.


VIN: WDBHA29G8XA752723


Not sure if this is still for sale but, if it is, the seller is really easy to deal with. I bought the E36 from him and he kept contacting me, telling me he’d found more documentation about the car and an extra shift knob. I was tempted to go back and buy this car but the E36 is working out so well I’ve satisfied my urge for now.