1999 Chevrolet Corvette Lingenfelter Coupe C5 6 Speed 7,758 miles $26,000

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An absolute steal for what is essentially a new C5 Coupe modified by a legendary Corvette/GM tuner.


Selling my 1999 Navy Blue Metallic C5. This car currently has only 7,758 miles on it. This C5 has a Lingenfelter 383 package installed by Lingenfelter on 3-1-1999 when the car had only 125 miles on it. Cost of engine package was $18,000. This car was sold new at Buds Chevrolet in St. Mary’s Ohio, then brought to Lingenfelter before being shipped to Washington State where the original owner had it for 17 years. Car also has a 3.73 rear gear. I purchased this car in August 2016 and have only put 143 miles on it since purchase. When I bought the car I had every fluid changed (engine oil, transmission, brake, clutch, rear differential and power steering.) I also change the oil once per year using Mobil 1 and an AC Delco filter. Car has never sat outside overnight or been driven in rain, always kept under cover with battery tender installed. The paint is in perfect condition, everything on the car works as it should. The interior is in great shape and still smells new. The only negative thing I can say about this car is that the chrome on the wheels have developed some pitting. Car is located 30 miles north of Cincinnati Ohio. Selling because I do not drive this car and would like to see it go to someone who will drive and enjoy it.

Asking $26,000

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Wow – outstanding value!



Problem with the used Corvette market is that there are too many low mile examples available. Lots of people who bought these as what they considered an investment, so they kept them parked and covered, thinking they’d be worth something one day.

And lots of them are automatics…

Source; worked at a Chevy dealership.

Although not to say this one being what it is won’t be worth something one day, unfortunately that one day does not usually come within the lifetime of the 50+ year old people that buy these new.

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Great news for second hand buyers looking for a great value.

Agreed, I don’t see C5s going up in value significantly anytime soon. Not even all C3s have appreciated and C4 prices are still relatively stagnant.

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