1998 Z3 for $4800


I am currently looking at a 1998 Z3, 2.8, auto. I have looked at the car in person ----- looks very nice. It has a clean carfax for its entire history ---- a Florida, one owner car, showing complete maintenance and registration history thru 4/2019. It has all the original manuals and tool kit, etc. It has 130,000 miles.

I know nothing about the Z3. Are there certain issues I should look for? Is 130,000 miles “high” for this car ? Are maintenance costs / repairs as expensive as on my 1994 r129? Is $4800 a decent price?

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That seems like a fair price to me, if not slightly cheap, for a solid original example. Fortunately for you, the automatics aren’t considered as desirable and tend to offer bigger bargains.

You should expect similar annual repair costs to your R129 – perhaps a bit less since these cars aren’t quite as complex. I would still recommend having an experienced BMW mechanic take a look before you get too serious, and he should also be able to give you some idea of possible upcoming needs.

Also I believe member @StephenL may have some good insights here since he’s had a number of similar vintage BMWs…

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