1998 Volvo S70 GLT - 84k miles - $5500 - Atlanta, CA

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This first-year S70, which is actually just a second-gen 850 with some styling updates and a name change, is still basically an old-school Volvo with its boxy shape, big greenhouse, and relatively bulletproof inline-5 motor. Its major concession to modernity is being front-wheel-drive, which isn’t much of a ding, really, unless you were planning to swap in a crate LS1 and go drifting.

These cars were pretty lively in their day, with a surprisingly dainty curb weight (about 3300 lbs) plus a light-pressure turbo helping to boost power off the line.

Most were run into the ground ferrying schoolchildren to band practice and then being handed off to those same children to endure one or two college tours of duty.

But this example seems to have been spared all that and looks borderline new apart from some grubby floor mats (easily replaced) and some light discoloration on the driver’s seat (possibly just in need of some scrubbing). It’s also quite handsome in dark blue metallic over tan leather and riding on its original and great-looking six-spoke alloys.

Offered on craigslist HERE by its original owner in the suburbs of Atlanta.

It would be hard to do much better for just five grand.


VIN: YV1LS5675W1543057