1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 86k miles - $6000 - Huntington Beach, CA

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This clean R129 generation SL from one of the best years appears to be an exceptional value for five bucks less than $6000. There aren’t many details in the listing, but it appears that the top mechanism may be in need of new hydraulic cylinders (a common issue that isn’t too awful to fix using a source such as Top Hydraulics). Still, if you are looking for an outstanding grand tourer to use on a regular basis, you’re not likely to find a better car for the money.

Offered on eBay HERE by what sounds like a small dealership in Orange County.

VIN: WDBFA67F8WF156229


According to Hagerty .

We called out the R129 SL—which debuted at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show—as one of the best buys on our 2018 Hagerty Bull Market list, and values are starting to increase, with Hagerty Price Guide numbers up 6 percent over the last eight months. According to our numbers, quotes are up 6 percent, and the number of 1990–2002 SLs added to Hagerty policies has increased 12 percent over the last year, both solid growth indicators. Enthusiasts are drawn to 1996–98 models because they have both a computer-controlled five-speed transmission (first used in 1996) and a four-cam, four-valve V-8 engine (dropped after 1998). Even the most desirable are valued at just over $10k.


The SL is the best example of substitution in the collector-car space, meaning that those who are priced out of one generation automatically look at a newer generation that is more affordable. The R129’s depreciation has finally bottomed out and it’s the next SL on the list to go up. Right now it’s the most affordable of the top-of-the-line Benzes.


My Mercedes technician showed me a neat procedure if your top hydraulics don’t operate. We actually found the original tool for manually opening and closing the top ---- it takes about 7 minutes to do. You can even do this if your battery is completely dead. Kind of handy to know.


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I wondering if someone who was having issues with the hydraulics and didn’t really mind not having the convertible option could just cinch the hardtop in place using the manual process and then call it a day…


This is what the tool looks like. One just has to turn it until they here a click ---- ready to go.