1998 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG - 25k miles - $18,500 - Phoenix, AZ

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The W202 generation C-class, originally penned during the great Bruno Sacco years at Mercedes-Benz, still has handsome lines inside and out, and this AMG-tuned variant is the one to have, with a variety of suspension and brake upgrades, chunky Monoblock wheels, and of course a 302 hp V8 stuffed under the hood, backed by the excellent 722.6 5-speed automatic gearbox.

Sure, this one – offered on the MBCA site HERE by a private seller in the Phoenix area – is pricey. At $18,500, it’s about triple the cost of a nicely-kept six-cylinder example. But I’ve never seen a nicer C43 posted for sale, and they are quite rare in the US, with only about 1500 imported to our shores over its three year run. My guess is that someone out there is definitely willing to pay that much. And I would call it an excellent buy.


VIN: WDBHA33G2WF733892


For a visual / design reference, here’s a different example but a better photo: