1998 Lexus LS400 - 60k miles - $8000 - Oakland, CA

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You don’t see low-mile early LS sedans very often. Most owners take advantage of their remarkable durability and drive them to the moon and back (figuratively, of course). But this one has somehow been spared that fate and looks about as clean as they come. At $8000, it’s not a cheap LS. But assuming no hidden issues, it’s easily worth it. I’m guessing this one will be snapped up quickly.




VIN: JT8BH28F1W0139647


No, not cheap at all but it’s rare to find a low mileage and well-kept example. Worth the price if you lust after 90’s Lexus LS luxury. The seller is likely to drop the price anyways if it doesn’t sell right away.


Looks like it’s already sold. Seller has deleted the listing.