1998 Buick LeSabre - 34k miles - $4000 - Phoenix, AZ

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It may not be the most attractive thing, but for anyone looking for a cheap commuter, this seventh-gen LeSabre with just 34k miles would be a great option. The main value here is the Series II 3800 V6 engine, a cast iron fortress that is known not only for racking up trouble-free miles but also for serene smoothness and even reasonable fuel economy (somehow enabling the luxobarge to deliver 30 mpg highway).

Hoovie’s Garage espouses the powertrain’s virtues in this video review (for the Park Avenue Utlra model, which has a supercharged version):

Another cool tidbit: this is one of the last models to be produced at the Buick City assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, before it was shuttered in 1999.

This particular LeSabre is basically a one-owner car that appears to have been garaged its whole life, so the insanely plush interior looks more or less new. Having covered so few miles, there may be some sorting to do, but the simplicity of the car combined with plentiful, cheap parts means that it shouldn’t be too costly to keep things running well.

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Phoenix are for $4000, which is “a lot” for one of these but absolutely worth it for such a nice one. I doubt it will last long.

VIN: 1G4HP52K2WH473026



Looks like this one has sold – the seller has removed the listing. Great buy!



Great buy indeed. Must have been grandma’s car that was only driven to church and to get groceries.

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