1998 BMW M Roadster - 59k miles - $14,900 - Lincoln, CA

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Pretty good price for a very clean and low-mile M Roadster. These have the outstanding S52 inline six, about which Klipnik says (in Cheap Cars with Great Engines), “This engine delights enthusiasts not only with its swift acceleration, but also with its refined, willing nature and captivating soundtrack.”

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Sacramento area for $14,900.

VIN: WBSCK9337WLC87163

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I really like these cars ---- they seem to be steadily increasing in value. However, knowledge is king when buying one. For example, look at the Dakar yellow M Roadster posted here earlier as advertised on Craigslist for $9000. This car was previously on BAT ---- and the potential bidders put the owner through the ringer. Questions about color, subframe, differential, hesitant about posting certain photos, weld points, trunk area, etc ----- in short, go through these cars with a very fine- tooth comb.

That being said, I would still consider buying one ---- just take it to a VERY knowledgeable BMW M Roadster expert.

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Here are two 2000 M Roadsters from BAT on 2/2019. The first, with 138,000 miles, only received a high bid to $7400 — did not even meet reserve.

The second, with 38,000 miles and a hardtop, sold for $20,500.