1998 BMW 318i - 97k miles - $7595 - Redondo Beach, CA

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If you love the E36 generation 3-series, this obsessively well-kept final-year 318i manual is definitely worth a look. Most people obtained these as the cheapest way into a BMW and then drove them into the ground. This well-loved example, though, seems to have been special ordered by someone who wanted a lightweight canyon carver but with a few upgraded features like leather sports seats, and appears to have been pampered most of its relatively low-mile life.

With the M44 four banger under the hood and a manual gearbox, it’s a few hundred pounds lighter than the typical E36, and it should be a hoot to drive if you like momentum cars and know how to take advantage of each of the available 138 horses.

The seller (on Autotrader HERE) is aware of the car’s unusually nice condition and spec – and has priced it accordingly, at a shade over $7500. That’s definitely all the money for an example with nearly 100k miles, but it will be tough to find anything similar for any less.


The seller has just lowered the asking price by about 10%, so if you had your eye on this one, now would be a good time to swoop in with an offer.


Another price reduction on this lovely E36, down to $6795. For one this well-kept, that’s pretty darn reasonable. $6000 would be well bought, and less than that would be a steal, I think.


Yet another price drop on this one. I think the owner is finally ready to let it go. If you were on the fence, now would be a good time to make an offer: