1997 Volvo 960 - 85k miles - $4500 - Descanso, CA

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This 960 sedan from near the end of the model run is one of the last best Volvos, with a great rear-drive powertrain and outstanding build quality all around. Most of these have been run into the ground, but this one has plenty of life left with well under 100k miles. And it appears to have been cared for very well, with recent major work on the cooling system as well as the HVAC system.

The only negatives appear to be some minor cosmetic blemishes from its 20+ years on the road, plus some creasing/cracking in the leather seats, which is common for the model (and might be somewhat correctable with a deep leather cleaning and conditioning).

All things considered, it’s a great buy for just $4500.

Offered on Autotrader HERE by a private seller in the San Diego area.




If you took a masters degree in humanities and turned it into a car in 1997 it would probably look just like that.

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