1997 Lexus ES 300 - 20k miles - $4000 - Bellevue, WA

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For a solid used car on the cheap, this one-owner, absurdly low-mile Lexus ES sedan really can’t be beat. It looks like new, which is understandable considering the sparing use so far. And it comes from the Lexus/Toyota golden era of impressively overbuilt cars, so with just 20k miles so far it’s easily got 10 times that many left in it.

Sure it’s basically just a top-of-the-line Camry. That’s a good thing because parts are readily available, and the only thing you might find missing from a Camry back then would be a bit of luxury and style, which the subtle Lexus upgrades add. It even makes decent power, generating 200 hp from the MZ series DOHC V6.

It’s offered on Autotrader HERE by a private seller in the Seattle area – and for just four grand, it can’t last long.


VIN: JT8BF22G9V0068249



Wow, probably the best color for this car to boot. At 4k someone is going to get a smoking deal on a nice piece of car.

Style still holds up even as a 97. At least a whole lot better than an old Camry.

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The listing has been removed, so it looks like this one is now sold. Great buy!



That Lexus was “stolen” at that price. Someone got really lucky.

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