1997 Honda Del Sol Si DOHC Vtec $5500 Elk Grove, CA

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A clean example of the rare DOHC Vtec version of the Honda Del Sol.

Lots of recipes and looks great for its age.

Clean examples of DOHC Vtec Hondas/Acuras are fast becoming collectables.

Good time to pick one up now and enjoy the high-rpm madness of these cars.

"Make the most of the nice weather!
This is one of about 500 del Sol VTEC imported for 1997. Last-ever, top of the line del Sol.

Reliable as a Civic, with over a decade of scheduled dealership service records.
Fun as an S2000, as the engine happily runs to the 8,000 RPM redline. Also less than half the asking price of an S2000.
Useful as a hatchback, with it’s gigantic trunk and “personal trunks” inside.
And it’s a hardtop convertible.

160 horsepower from the 1.6L B16 engine and 5-speed manual.
Clean title.

Over a decade of meticulous dealership service records.
Recent oil analysis praises how well the engine is running.
Recently smogged with great measurements.

Wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country.
The only blemish that isn’t trivial is the paint. There is a bit of fade, some scratches on the hood, and a few dings. A professional should be able to buff out the hood. No damage. No indication of any accidents. No ridiculous modifications.

Does not leak or consume oil, or any other fluids.
Recently replaced the battery, brake fluid, thermostat, coolant and radiator hoses, with OEM parts, just for fun. Brake pads and rotors are Bosch. Speakers and head unit are new, and hardly used, since I’d rather listen to the engine with the top off.
Just went ahead and replaced the brake pads and rotors to see how it was done. Stops super smooth.

Driven maybe once every other week. Only selling because I adopted a large dog.

Not looking for trades.
Firm on price! Considering rarity, condition, verifiable service history, and running condition, it’s a fair price.
Please don’t waste your time and my time by coming out intending a ridiculous lowball offer.
If the asking price is not agreeable to you, this is not the car for you. Please keep in mind this car is in top mechanical shape, and this is documented. You’re not buying someone else’s problem here.

Email works best to start.
I can also be reached via call or text at (916) 572-3745. This is a Google Voice number to screen the surprising number of fake or scammy solicitation messages and calls.
I’m happy to answer questions, and I’m really just looking for a simple sale to a real person, in person.
Drop me a message, and we’ll go from there!

If the ad’s up, the Sol is still available. Messages only asking if it’s still available are a dead giveaway and will be filtered."


Wow — lots of low maintenance fun for five thousand bucks!