1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80, 79K miles, $22,500, Des Plaines Ill

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Nice used 80 series Land Cruiser for sale. Later model with the 4.5 liter I6. With AWD, straight axles front and rear, locking center diff, optional electronic front and rear locking diffs, these are considered the baddest 4wd on the planet. Comming off Japans economic bubble years, this overengineered beast might actually be the best used vehicle you can buy, if you can swallow the price. I’ve been pining after one of these or the next gen 100 series to drive the family around in, but from a cost standpoint, you’d be looking past a lot of nicer newer vehicle options to get the Land Cruiser name in your driveway.

One of my favorite things about these later refresh FJ80s is the interior. With the outside looking as clunky and utilitarian as it does, it’s a surprise to see the inside looks as nice and refined as it does in it’s best of 90’s Toyota style.

Doesn’t say if it has the optional front and rear lockers though, which is something most buyers are going to ask, especially at this price.


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Nice one. Still a heck of a lot of truck for the money. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have this than almost anything new.