1996 Toyota Camry LE - 50k miles - $4500 - Santee, CA

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For under five grand, how can you beat this extra clean example of one of the greatest used cars of all time, the XV10 generation Toyota Camry?

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the San Diego area.

VIN: 4T1BG12K3TU792226



My family had the twin to this in forest green for over 15 years. Great memories in that car. Even hurricane Katrina couldn’t stop it.

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Had a 92 a long time ago, was my first Toyota. Bought it with 170k, drove it for 45k, sold it then bought another Toyota, and eventually another one.

That article on here really sums up that car, it was just built so well. I know european cars feel better to drive, but the craftsmanship on that Toyota was just superb. Where it showed was under the surface. I had to replace the door mirror when I bought it and I remember taking off the interior door panel. Most of the time you’d have stuff cracking and tabs and fasteners busting off and flying everywhere, you’d have to replace a bunch of them and you’d still have a hard time getting it to fit right again and forever hear rattling afterwords. But on the Camry it came off clean, went back on just as well, and never made a sound.

When you spend a bunch of money on something, you expect it to not just feel nice to use, but to be built well. When it comes to premium brands, quality craftsmanship is just as much a part of the luxury experience as anything else. That’s probably part of why the original LS400 took off so well.



Great story! That reminds me of tinkering with the various W123 series Benzes I’ve had over the years. The thought and care that went into designing even the littlest details – like notches to hold the window regulators in place if the screws should somehow work themselves loose – is what gives them a “luxury” feel. They are otherwise pretty basic cars.

It sounds like the XV10 generation Camry was the same, except it was also affordable when new (whereas the Benz cost as much as a house).