1995 Jeep Cherokee - is this a good buy for $3000?


I’ve seen one of these at my mechanic’s shop with 400K on the clock without the engine ever coming apart. They say this motor is indestructible.

This example is a single owner truck with 111K on it. The ad is slim on details and the photos are terrible, with almost no shots of the interior, a hood that appears to not close quite right, and a blue color that I doubt to be original, and seems lacking for clear coat. That said…for $3000 (or maybe $2000-$2500) is this a good beater truck to park outside, carry junk, and go to the beach?


It look like excellent “beater wagon” material to me. As long as it’s running and driving properly, a truck like this is never going to be worth less than about $2500, so there’s no real depreciation risk. Assuming the powertrain is in good shape and the interior doesn’t need much more than a good detail, you could probably put new tires on it (and maybe some OE wheels while you’re at it) and drive it without much fuss until the cows come home.


FYI, looks like it may be the same Spinnaker Blue as this 1991 model currently being offered on Bring a Trailer: