1994 Mercedes SL500


I am thinking of purchasing this vehicle. It has 108,000 miles, and the car fax shows that it has been consistently serviced at Mercedes dealerships up thru 2012 ---- no records after that. I took it to local Mercedes dealer for inspection. They said the body and interior were near pristine and all original, frame and floorboards solid. They said the engine and transmission were strong. Issues found ---- replace tie rods, differential gasket, drive belt. So, to change these out plus change all fluids and filters ( oil, transmission, differential, brake, power steering, cooling system ) ----- estimate is $1800. The purchase price is $5700. Is it worth the investment.


Hey there. It sounds like a solid deal. Two things to keep in mind. First, the hydraulic cylinders in the top mechanism, if original, will need to be rebuilt or replaced eventually. Check out Top Hydraulics online for details about that. Second, if the original engine wiring harness hasn’t been replaced yet, it will likely need to be replaced sometime soon. The original harnesses biodegrade, but replacement on the M119 motor isn’t too cumbersome. I paid about $800 to have it done in my 400E.

One more tip: if you have a good independent Benz specialist in your area, take it there for service rather than the dealer. That will save you quite a bit during your ownership.


Hey @Pfz1111 – did you buy the Benz? Sounds like it’s a good one…


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Wow – I love it! Outstanding purchase!