1994 Jaguar XJS convertible - 46k miles - $12,500 - Scottsdale, AZ

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This well-kept Series III XJS looks like a terrific value for anyone shopping for a classy cruiser. It’s doesn’t have Jag’s famed V12 engine, which may disappoint some; however, its 4.0 liter AJ6 inline six is well regarded for simplicity and reliability (esp. compared to the 12), and it puts out almost as much power (223 hp for the 6 vs. 278 hp for the 12).

Also, as a 1994 example, it’s just two years from the end of the model’s 20-year production run in 1996, so it benefits from the many improvements and upgrades made over the years (while retaining the classic styling).

Did I mention that it looks fantastic? It’s hard to go wrong with black on tan, and those BBS wheels are perfectly period correct.

Considering the low miles and the sharp appearance, the $12,500 ask here seems quite reasonable – and is, in fact, $400 lower than Hagerty’s “average” value (and this one seems much better than average).

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Phoenix area. Somebody buy it before I do!

VIN; SAJNX2745RC190560

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Definitely an elegant and stylish cruiser. I’d take the 4.0 I6 over the V12 any day. Far less complicated, lighter, and less thirsty. This later example has the 4 speed instead of 3 speed auto. Probably drastically improves driveablity and economy.



The seller removed the listing, so I’m guessing this one has sold. Nicely bought!