1993 Volvo 960 wagon - 205k miles - $2000 - San Mateo, CA

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For just two grand, there’s a whole lot to like about this old school Volvo wagon. Most importantly, the Carfax report (provided by the selling dealer) shows a long history of regular maintenance through its life at a reputable Volvo specialist, with the most recent visit occurring less than a year ago. It also looks unusually clean for a car with over 200k on the clock, so it’s clear that the prior owner has cared for it rather well.

These 960s are wonderful cars, comfortable, durable, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain, and this one surely has quite a bit of life left.

Even at such a low price point, I would recommend getting it inspected before making an offer, just in case there are some hidden issues. But assuming it checks out, this would be one of the best bargains I’ve ever seen.

It’s offered on Autotrader HERE by a dealership in the Bay Area for $2000 – well, actually $1995.


VIN: YV1KW9512P0012250