1993 Mercedes-Benz 600SL - 26k miles - Oakland, CA

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As noted in Klipnik’s R129 buying guide, there are some downsides to buying a 600SL from the earliest years in the model run, including the possibility of having to deal with the notorious biodegradable wiring harness issue or to troubleshoot its finicky ASR system – not to mention opting out of the terrific 722.6 5-speed automatic that was not available until the 1996 model year.

One of the positives, though, is that the early cars tend to come in more interesting colors, such as the gorgeous Nautical Blue factory paint present here. Also adding flair, though slightly anachronistic, are the retrofitted AMG wheels.

Offered on eBay HERE with a starting bid of $13,500, this super low-mile example looks to be one of the best preserved out there.

Prices for choice R129s seem to be on the rise, with V12-equipped variants like this one leading the way. Given that several other nice early 600SLs have sold around $15,000 recently on Bring a Trailer, I’d say getting this one for anything less than that would be handsomely bought.

VIN: WDBFA76E9PF073960


Just one bid on this one, so the auction ended at $13,500 with reserve not met. Now would be a good time to reach out to the seller to try to work out a deal.


This car turned up on consignment through Mercedes Heritage, which is a good spot to browse insanely nice cars on offer by Benz specialist Roy Spencer.

There are much better photos there, and as you can see the car is quite stunning in its rare Nautical Blue factory paint. I’d say it’s probably the best-looking R129 that I’ve ever seen.

The asking price is pretty steep at $25,000. But if you’re looking for one of the nicest examples in the world, it just might be worth it. In ten years, I bet we’ll look back and think it was cheap.


I agree, this is a stunning example. I also agree that the R129 is only going to increase in value. These vehicles were made without compromise in the true Mercedes days. I think there were three versions, with the best years being 1996 -1998. The 1990 - 1995 cite the problems mentioned above. The 1999 - 2002, according to some critics, shows the less than stellar build when Chrysler got involved. Who knows.

In any case, these vehicles are a blast to drive. It is sad to see such a great car just sit around and hardly being used ---- less than a 1000 miles a year. In my opinion, these cars were built to be driven ---- and they were built to take it.


It’s worth noting that the 600SL badge on the back appears to be mounted higher than the stock position. Compare this 500SL. Doesn’t mean the car was necessarily damaged back there, but I’d want to understand why the badge got moved before moving on this specimen. Also, the rear end appears to be sitting a little high; I don’t have experience with this original ADS setup, but I’ve read that diagnosing such issues can be tricky. But the paint and interior look beautiful. To me this is more like an $18-20k car – we are also in 4-speed territory with potential wiring-harness issues, as noted in the original post – but even a buyer paying the full $25k would probably be tickled with it, assuming the mismounted badge is merely an aesthetic thing.


"There is something about the early version r129 that I like. I could never put my finger on it until a read this post by a buyer on bring a trailor —

“The pre-facelift cars (1990~1995) were exactly what original designer Bruno Sacco intended – chiseled lines a la W201s and W124s of the era, coupled with distinctive two-tone paint schemes. The simple-yet imposing front bumper/lower air dam, three-slatted horizontal side scoops, as well as the ribbed taillight lenses further enhanced this angular effect, all lost in later cars when “rounding” every corner on the body was deemed trendy. I loved this design philosophy (aerodynamics with character), so sprang for a ’91. Each time that I wash my car, I look for and enjoy all of these design details all over again. In my opinion, MB exterior design peaked in the early ’90s with the R129 and W124, there has been no equal since.”


Interesting article here from Europe where vendor uses Klipnik as a reference -----


Nice find – thanks for sharing. Of note, the article mentions that average R129 prices in Europe are higher than for later R230 generation cars – something that hasn’t happened yet in the US, but seems destined to happen pretty soon…