1993 Mercedes-Benz 300CE Sportline - 104k miles - $6500 - Dallas, TX

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Nineties Benzes don’t get much better or more interesting than this W124 coupe with the highly desirable Sportline package, which offers numerous suspension upgrades as well as wider wheels and tires and quicker steering. This example sports relatively low miles, Euro headlights, and period AMG wheels (though I would probably swap the original Sportline units back in). It also appears to be well loved by its Dallas area owner, who reports that the car is always garaged and comes with a full dealer service history.

If you check it out, make sure that the original wiring harness and hopefully also the original head gasket have been changed on the otherwise excellent M104 inline six. If not, figure a few thousand to accomplish that during your ownership.

Seeking fun 70's - 80's Mercedes under $8K