1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 Sportline - 61k miles - $7290 - Bald Peak, OR

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This final year 190E is a very appealing example. With the 2.6 liter M103 inline six engine, it’s basically just as quick as the vaunted 2.3-16v version (in US spec), especially with the rare Sportline package, which features a beefier suspension, bigger wheels, a quicker steering ratio, plus 4-place Recaro seats.

This is the second lowest mileage example that I’ve ever seen, and despite the lack of photos it seems quite promising as a two-owner car with a lifelong Pacific Northwest history.

It’s the kind of car that could easily fetch double the ask here on Bring a Trailer.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Portland area for $7290. If it doesn’t have any major issues, that is an excellent price for one of these.

VIN: WDBDA29D6PG062809

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It is beyond me why one doesn’t post ample photos. I would like to have seen the red trim ----- does it look like the photo below …

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Yes, those are the Sportline seats. There are also “bucket” seats in back, with pronounced side bolsters…


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If it’s a cheap car then I can see someone not taking decent pictures. They’re not making a big effort, they just want to get rid of it fast. Yes they’re being lazy, but they set their expectations accordingly. Maybe they have more important things to do.

It’s the people that want more than market value who take a picture of the car while it’s crammed in the garage. If you want to get a whole bunch of money for the thing, you have to put in some work. That’s just obnoxious entitlement. To ask top dollar for something I expect to see one of those 40 picture listings where they write 7 paragraphs talking about every tank of gas they bought then wrap it up by giving a detailed example of their ideal next owner and their expectations of how the car should be treated once they own it.

That being said, what a great car. The bolstered rear seats are mad character.

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As a buyer, I kind of like an ad with poor photos because it doesn’t attract a ton attention and competition the way a better listing would. That means I can take more time to give the car a full and proper evaluation without worrying that someone is going to swoop in and snap it up. It also gives me more leverage on price.

If I hadn’t just picked up another old Benz, I would probably be on my way to Oregon right now to give this one a look. I had one of these about ten years ago, and it remains one of my favorite cars of all time.

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