1992 Subaru SVX - 63k miles - $7500 - Little Rock, AR

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I’ve developed a somewhat unhealthy fascination with the SVX lately. It’s an odd combination of Giugiaro styling, flat-6 power, all-wheel-drive, and Subaru practicality that somehow scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. In my younger days, the lack of a manual gearbox would have been a deal killer for me. But I’ve softened my hard-line stance these days, especially when it comes to a grand tourer like this one.

This example, which can be found on craigslist HERE, is offered by a private seller on the outskirts of Little Rock. With remarkably low miles (especially for a Subaru) and what appears to be very good all-original condition, it looks like one of the nicer ones out there.

But if I were really serious, I would probably first investigate this slightly pricier 28k-mile offering, which appears to still be available in the Colorado Springs area.

Either would be a terrific amount of car for the money.



My sentiments echo yours on these odd, yet likable ducks. Definitely different with its “canopy” style greenhouse. Throw a set of Blizzaks on one and it’d be the ultimate ski season car. Ample flat six power to swiftly get you up the mountain and plenty of comfort in the cabin to get you to the slopes in fine fashion.