1992 R129 with only 1,180 miles


Here is an interesting story. You have to read the post from the auction dealer. The bidding is now complete ----- the final bid was $22,000.




What an amazing find! Hoping this one goes to a collector who can preserve it in its amazingly great original condition.

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Yes indeed. I am sure it will need some more work ---- been sitting for a long time. Looks like the salvage auction house cleaned it up decently. I was following that auction for three days ---- the final bid I saw was around $22,000. I love the history ---- stolen off the dealership when it was brand new, driven around a bit, and then discovered years later. I bet the insurance company lost some money on that … Lol.

The car sold for around $90,000 in 1992 ---- in today’s dollars, that is around $150,000+ . Where today can one purchase a $150,000 car for $22,000 ----- and essentially, with only 1086, miles a brand new car.

You never know what a “barn find” may turn into ---- take a look at the following link.

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Good stuff. Believe it or not, my Benz mechanic (back when I lived in Santa Monica) was the one who did the mechanical restoration of that alloy body Gullwing. I got to check it out in his shop in unrestored condition. Very cool!