1991 Nissan 300ZX - 16k miles - $14,500 - Lakeland, FL

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It’s rare to find such a clean, original, and low-mileage Z32 generation Z for sale, and this one checks all of the boxes. Okay, it’s not the twin-turbo variant, but I think most people will find its 222 hp naturally-aspirated V6 plenty entertaining, especially backed by the 5-speed manual gearbox.

In the looks department, you can’t do much better. The revolutionary design made a splash when it debuted nearly 30 years ago, and it still looks great, even in usually-boring white. The interior, to my eye, is one of the best ever.

So you’ve got a barely-used, two-owner, accident-free, everything-working example of one of the best sports cars ever made. The $14,500 ask is admittedly high – just $1000 less than Hagert’s estimate for one in #1 condition (“concours”). But if you’re looking for a great Z, then you might want to overpay a little to nab one this good.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Tampa area.

VIN: JN1RZ24H6MX503301


It will be interesting to see how high this 25k mile twin-turbo example goes today on Bring a Trailer. It’s currently at $19,000 with five hours remaining…


Reserve not met at $24,600. The '90s Supras are going for stupid money while a mint, 5MT, 25k mile example of a 300ZX TT doesn’t even hit $30k? Maybe it doesn’t have the cache of the Supra’s legendary straight six and it’s not quite as quick and fast, but the TT Z provides plenty of performance and is a much better looking sports car to my eyes. I’m mystified…and wishing I was in the market!


I agree – by comparison these cars seem like absolute bargains. Great buying opportunity!


Here’s another very nice TT example on BaT, albeit with notably higher miles at 73k. It’s closing today but the bidding is not even to $13k…


The '95 TT sold for $19,332 – pretty solid buy, I think, especially for a BaT car…


This one is still listed, now for $13,900…