1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E - 99k miles - $8100 - Woodland Hills, CA

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This is one of the nicest W124 generation examples I’ve seen in a while. Though pushing 100k miles, it looks near showroom perfect with lustrous original paint and a blemish-free interior. The colors look sharp, too, especially the darker “palomino” interior (which I far prefer to the lighter “cream beige” and “parchment” interiors that most W124 examples seem to have).

This has the M103 inline six, which with “only” 177 hp isn’t as powerful as the later 217 hp DOHC M104 (offered in the sedans starting in 1993). But on the plus side, it’s a simpler engine that doesn’t have the dreaded biodegradable wiring harness issue.

Offered on eBay HERE by a private seller in the Los Angeles area, it has a buy-it-now price of $8100, and the seller is also considering offers. I’d say $7500 or under would be well bought.




I’m curious to see where this 300E (similar condition, worse year) finishes on Bring a Trailer today. It’s currently at $7200…

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Sold for $7800 — seems reasonable to me

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Agreed – not cheap but not overly expensive either. Well bought and sold.

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