1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E - 101k - $5500 - Santa Clara, CA


This W124 for sale on Craigslist in the Bay Area appears to be very well kept. Even the needles on the gauge cluster retain their deep orange hue - most have faded to yellow. A crack-free dashboard and nice original paint are also positive signs that this car has led a pampered life in beautiful Santa Clara, CA.

The odometer shows 106,450 miles, very low for a non-Cabriolet, non-500E W124. In their quintessential form - 4-door, M103 6-cylinder - W124s have become more and more rare. 1991 model year is a sweet spot, before the luxury-oriented refresh in 1994, which somewhat diluted the spartan, robust ethos that used to characterize Mercedes-Benz. The interior also appears to be in excellent shape, not surprising considering the hard-wearing durability of the materials and the quality of construction.

The W124 was an engineering tour-de-force and featured a level of occupant safety, refinement, and suspension engineering that wasn’t standard in competitor vehicles until years later. W124-firsts such as Low drag coefficient (.29!), multi-link rear suspension, and the integrated trunk design were widely adopted across the industry. This generation of midsize Mercedes still drive with all their traditional Benz solidness and analog refinement they did when new, and truly are “Engineered like no other.”

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Looks like a solid original example at a reasonable price.

Another nice thing about this being an earlier year for the W124 is that it doesn’t suffer from the wiring harness issues that came with the introduction of the W104 engine (with electronic fuel injection).

Also most of these that I see in gray or silver have gray interiors, so the black interior here is a nice surprise. Looks much better to have some contrast with the paint, in my opinion.



I’m the one who posted this, just curious, did anyone here buy it?

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