1990 Nissan 240SX - 80k miles - $8000 - Everett, WA

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This first-gen 240SX is a rare unmolested survivor that appears to be in astonishingly good original condition. These simple, lightweight, front-engine rear-drive cars are a purist’s delight – and also a darling of the drift car crowd, which is why finding such an original example is so rare.

Those of a certain age may remember the following ad, which features Steve and Rod Millen sliding them side-by-side around a track:

This car last sold on Bring a Trailer (listing here) back in 2014, when the ask was $9000. Some 6 years and 17k miles later, the car still looks great, and the ask is $8000. That seems reasonable for such a clean and original example.

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Seattle area.

VIN: JN1HS36P2LW136363



Looks like this one has sold – the seller has removed the listing.

Either that or we’re gonna see it on Bring a Trailer soon! :joy:

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