1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E 2.6 - 73k miles - $4500 - Los Angeles, CA

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Finding a clean, low-mile W124 generation Benz for sale is a pretty unusual. Finding one for less than five grand is almost unheard of. But here we have a lovely lifelong California car in one of the best factory colors (904 - Midnight Blue) that’s in outstanding original condition inside and out.

On the minus side, this example is the “base” version (for the US), with the smaller 2.6 liter variant of Benz’s sturdy M103 inline six, so it’s not going to be a drag race champ. But its 158 hp should be adequate for modern traffic. And on the plus side, this model year doesn’t suffer from the notorious biodegradable wiring harness issue that plagued later model years (mostly '93 to '95).

A vehicle history report shows no reported accidents or damage, plus a steady accumulation of miles throughout the years – all good signs. The car even had a dealer service visit within the last two years and 7k miles (and so it may be due for another).

Of note: the seller reports the AC is not operational, and that could be a spendy fix (especially if the evaporator needs to be changed, which requires a partial disassembly of the dash), so be sure to have that inspected prior to settling on a final price. But as long as it’s not going to cost more than about $1500 to correct, the current asking price is still quite fair.

This one’s offered on Autotrader HERE by a private seller in the LA area. If I were in the market, I’d definitely be paying a visit.


VIN: WDBEA26D0LB192715

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This one is still on the market, and the seller just dropped the price by $500:




Someone needs to buy this, this is fantastic.

As far as I’m concerned, the MBTex is a benefit. Better looking seat pleats and door panels compared to the leather.

W124 models after 1989 all had leather, except for the 2.6L “base” versions and the 1993 2.8L M104. You cannot get a model with side cladding, 3.0L, and MBTex in the US, the 2.6L is the next best thing if you want MBTex.

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+1 for MBTex. It’s so much easier to care for, too!