1990 Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24v - 144k miles - $5500 - Salt Lake City, UT

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The W124 coupe is one of the my favorite shapes from famed MB designer Bruno Sacco, and nice examples are pretty scarce, especially at reasonable prices. This one seems like the rare exception.

With 144k miles, it’s no garage queen; however, with working AC and cruise control, new tires and shocks, and a recent top-end rebuild, it’s clearly been well maintained, which is the more important thing. Most cheap examples out there will cost you at least five grand to make as nice as this.

Another plus here is the 217 hp M104 inline six, one of the best Benz engines of all time. Many of this era suffer from biodegradable wiring harness issues, but early examples like this one do not. And though they do tend to go through head gaskets every 60k miles or so, this one (as noted above) has just been done.

Assuming the interior is as nice as the well-persevered exterior on this one, which is offered on the MBCA site HERE, it’s a great buy at $5500.